Discover the freedom of being yourself. Instantly. The freedom lies with knowing and feeling you are enough. Because you absolutely are! It is also letting go what no longer serves you. Anxiety? Depression? Stress? Addictions? Lack of sleep? Medical conditions that keep you from living the life you want? Let’s begin writing you a happy ending.


What People Say

After the session about money with Anna, I got my first paying client AND a better paying job!

Mark, 23, Denmark

You are definitely amazing, Anna, and I am grateful for the help you’ve provided me so far… going strong now, second week, and I have your voice recording to put me back on track when I struggle… be safe!

Kate, 43, Australia

Meet Anna

I am a psychologist with the background in social psychology, careers counselling and coaching. My experience in working at universities, international organisations as well as local government, made me understand very well the challenges young leaders face, especially in times of both personal and/or global transition. I work with Marisa Peer’s Rapid Transformational Therapy method which is proven to bring outstanding results fast, combined with coaching when needed.