What’s Rapid Transformational Therapy

RAPID – Very often it only requires one session to get to the root cause of the problem and let it go for life. It’s one of the fastest yet most effective methods of building a healthier, happier life you can think of.

TRANSFORMATIONAL – Transformation is the core of this method. Starting with the session, it is further reinforced with a personalised recording prepared specifically for the client to listen to for at least 21 days after the session.

THERAPY – It is a method of working on the subconscious beliefs and hidden blocks that hold us back from living the life we want, having the relationships or career we want, enjoying the health we dream of.

How does it work?

It’s a 2 hours long online session during which you are being guided to investigate the root cause of your problem and assisted with letting it go for good. This provides a healing, transformational effect. To prepare for the session, a 20-30 minutes call prior to the session is required. At the end of your session you receive an audio recording to listen to for 21 days. The session is followed by a 30 minut “touch base” call within 21-30 days.


Freedom from addiction
and fears

RTT is extremely effective when it comes to help clients letting go of addictions. I work with clients who want to say goodbye to tobacco, alcohol, drugs, as well as other addictions such as gambling or shopping with great results.

Phobias are another example of issues which can be solved during an RTT session.

Infertility and healthy pregnancy

There are thousands of stories of managing the fertility issues through Rapid Transformational Therapy. No matter if it is to replace modern medicine or to simply help them, getting to the root cause of infertility sets clients – both women and men – free and ready to become happy parents.

Skin issues and physical issues

“The pain that cannot find its expression in tears will cause other organs to weep” is one of the sentences most used during the RTT training. It means that the reason for many physical conditions is purely emotional and it is very often enough to simply find out what it is and say goodbye to it during 1 to 3 sessions.

Sexual issues

There are many reasons for experiencing difficulties in the bedroom and there is no doubt that they can contribute to a great deal of traumas or problems. And it is very often not easy to find a solution to them. Again, RTT can offer an insight into the root causes of any issues in this department and assist in deleting old software and replacing it with the new one!

Kids and teenagers

Nail-biting, bedwetting, troubles with sleep. Bullying. Exams and anxiety. There are so many issues a child or a teenager can come across! And young people are the best, most grateful clients – RTT is extremely effective when it comes to helping them overcoming their fear and problems as well as finding the drive to push themselves forward at school, sports and arts.

Weight control
and food freedom

If controlling weight was only about eating right and moving, there wouldn’t be weight problems in the world. We all know it is not as simple as that. Very often the real reason of weight issues is not easy to consciously locate – and it is pointless to change behaviour without changing the reason it’s even there. The issue will come back sooner than we think!


The quality and quantity of sleep is reflected in the quality of our life. Yet, all to often, the natural rhythm and trust in regenerating, healing sleep gets disrupted and it can become a burden too heavy to carry. Rapid Transformational Therapy Session is an excellent method to find out what has caused your sleeping issues and get rid of the problem for good.

Relationships and relations

Relationships can be difficult and it is often not easy to understand our own triggers, reactions or blocks. Do you always attract the wrong people? Or do you feel like you cannot connect? Do you experience loneliness even when you’re with your closest ones? Is there anything you would like to change when it comes to your relations with other people but feel like there’s something always holding you back?

Career, success and money blocks

No matter how educated, determined or skilled we are, sometimes it is simply not enough. Somehow this next big promotion, next big deal or next great client is never available to us and chasing the dreams becomes more and more frustrating. Sounds familiar? Imposter syndrome, procrastination, self-sabotaging … we all have been there? Or maybe it is totally the other way around – you are a super-achiever who simply cannot rest?

Depression and anxiety

In the world where more and more of us feels disconnected, more and more of us suffers from depression and / or anxiety. And so often it is considered a life sentence – when there is absolutely no need from that! RTT has had an enormous success when it comes to dealing with depression and anxiety.

And so many others!

It is simply impossible to describe every single issue or problem RTT can help with. There are so many people and so many possibilities of what’s holding them back from being their true selves. Book a call with me to find out if RTT is a good match for you (and I’m 99,9% certain it is!).

Let’s build your great future together.