Rapid Transformational Therapy changes lives and here are some words of magic from my clients. Can’t wait to put your wonderful transformation story up here, too!

When I approached Rapid Transformational Therapy I was a bit skeptical if it was as great as Marisa Peer was promising in her masterclasses, but after the session with Anna, I have no doubt about it.

For many years I had fear of criticism and failure that blocked me from taking actions to pursue my dreams. Every day, I studied a lot, but never applying what I learnt to create something meaningful for humanity. During the session, Anna immediately brought me in a deep relaxing state and guided me through the memories attached to the fears. I felt enormous pressure in discovering what were the causes of my fears, but Anna had the power to make me release them completely. Yes, she was able to dig deeper than anyone did before, and she also helped me to release these fears.

Towards the end of the session, I felt like a new person, liberated from big pressure in my heart. I was smiling and now I feel I can act without feeling the pressure of someone else criticising me, I feel fully independent and an owner of my life, and I can take actions to positively impact our society. Even the follow up audio is amazing, and I love to hear it every day.

I am deeply grateful to Anna and the RTT method. I think it is a complete tool that give awareness, freedom, and deep transformation of our deep fears, and Anna is the best therapist you can get a session from!

Mirko, Italy

I have had RTT in the past for various things and it had really helped. I had a consultation with Anna and she had a really gentle supportive approach to helping me with some of my issues. We felt it would help me to work on my subfertility issues.

I found the session and recording soo helpful. It not only has made me relaxed about my fertility, it has made me tonnes more confident and optimistic. I feel with this session lots of other unaddressed things got sorted and I feel freer than ever!!

I would recommend and also approach Anna again for future RTT sessions. What was also helpful was that she has amazing insight and just knows what was best for me and her voice is soo lovely!

Shiema, UK

My issue was trauma and heartbreak from a shock divorce. Anna was brilliant and so deeply caring during the RTT session. I was able to access my heartbreak and key scenes that are helping me to heal and recover. I already felt a massive healing from the session alone and will now continue with the recording for two months given the depth of my trauma. Anna is brilliant and a true RTT professional that brings her beautiful heart and therapy skills to help her clients heal. Thank you so very much.

Shannon, UK

I had a session with Anna to help me with my self esteem which had really taken a knock during lockdown, and she rose to the challenge. We spoke about what it was I really needed help with before the session, and then during the session Anna unlocked lots of memories for me which were holding me back in life now. We rationalised them, understood how they had formed beliefs for me many years ago, and then Anna was able to help me work through and understand how those beliefs were no longer relevant for me.

She did a fantastic audio recording for me which I listened to twice a day for 3 weeks and it has had an amazing effect on me. People have commented how different I look, “glowing” is a word I’ve heard several times, and I feel so much lighter and positive, and I owe it all to Anna. I would not hesitate in recommending Anna to help with any issue/belief you are struggling with as she has the skills, knowledge, and compassion to help you overcome them and completely change your life.

Katy B, UK

I have had issues with my father as long as I can remember and have struggled with my relationship with him, which in turn has affected many areas of my life, including my self-esteem, confidence, self-worth and also my relationships with others. Anna has a very gentle way about her, she seeks to understand the root of the issue and helped me get rid of unwanted emotions and instead replaced these with positive emotions and empowering affirmations, which I now listen to every day. Anna is a fantastic therapist and I would highly recommend having a session with her.

Lisa Matthews, 32, Birmingham

I have reached out to Anna to find out why it is so difficult for me to talk about prices and why I have the underlying feeling that I am somehow not deserving of charging my clients premium prices for the excellent services that I offer. Already in our first call she created a warm atmosphere and I felt safe and secure to address my issue. In the session she guided me perfectly to the root of my money blocks. I had this lightbulb moment and I understood completely why I had those feelings which were holding me back. Since then I am listening to the beautiful recording which installs the new beliefs and from the first day on, I have noticed changes, I have raised my prices up and I am attracting different clients now. 
Thanks Anna for this awesome session! You’re a star! short bio with personal history, key achievements, or an interesting fact.

Maria, 36, Munich

You are definitely amazing, Anna, and I am grateful for the help you’ve provided me so far… going strong now, second week, and I have your voice recording to put me back on track when I struggle… be safe!

Kate, 43, Australia

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