Start With Yourself

Radically. No compromises. Like you never have in your life.

All religions and philosophies of the world teach it, and yet it is not a popular concept. For some reason taking care of yourself doesn’t have a good press, even though it is totally counterintuitive, against all human knowledge and science and – let’s be honest – against the experience of most residents of this beautiful planet.

But thinking of yourself is associated with egoism. With being a show-off. With being narcissistic.

Guess what – it’s a load of crap. Every single one of us has a birth right to live for ourselves and be tremendously happy about who we are. The world would be a much happier place to live if every single one of us made it our mission, our statement, our commitment to pursue happiness, self-fulfilment and full realisation of our purpose. Not to please anyone else, but to please US.

This world, so often named “the worse of all worlds” (which I have always stood against, too!), desperately needs more people who take full responsibility for themselves and change the planet for the better through changing THEMSELVES for the better.

There’s no reason to justify your being on Earth through making everyone else happy at your own expense. Your own happiness should be the most important for you – this is absolutely OK, as it is your individual business and responsibility! The world only profits from it, because a happy, fulfilled person harms no-one and makes no evil anyways. On the contrary – most likely they’re creative people, enriching all life on Earth!

But if you view your role on Earth as helping others, hear me out, too. There’s a reason they tell you to put your own oxygen mask on the plane first, before assisting others. There’s a reason they remind you to do that before taking off. There’s also a reason for the saying: you can’t serve anyone if your cup is empty.

You cannot give anyone anything that you don’t own. It is impossible to make the world a better place without making you a better person. If helping others is your thing (some people call it “a mission”), then doing the work on yourself will be what shifts your ability to help others for real.

Especially now, especially here.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”, said Mahatma Ghandi. It all starts with you.

With love,

Published by Anna

Psycholożka, trenerka, certyfikowana hipnoterapeutka. Wspieram liderów i liderki, pomagaczy i pomagaczki oraz zmieniaczy i zmieniaczki świata w budowaniu spokoju, pewności i siły do działania. Pracuję metodą Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

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